Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well it's been quite awhile since I've posted anything so I figured I better put something up just to prove I've still been working. It's slow goings as I am painting trim, cutting wallpaper for the top two rooms etc, but I do have some completion to show. Here is a picture of my living room so far. I appologize for the quality of the picture. I had to use the camera on my phone as I am having issues with my SD card. Crown moulding and baseboards have been installed and the banister off the first floor staircase is in, as well as the door. The door I bought was thicker than the walls so I used some small trim to build up the door frame and am happy with the results. Now I just need to brick the inside of the fireplace and add the banister leading to the third floor and this room will be finished. I put in the sofa and a chair just to try it out.

I have some good news about the roof. After a lot of thought and starring I finally tackled the roof. Using tacky glue and adhesive caulk I got the roof on and even. Woohoo! No spaces!

After visiting Miniature Memories in Tucson over the weekend I took the advice of the lady there to use small nails to reinforce the walls and floors. According to her the dry hot air of Arizona can weaken the glue over time but with the added nails my house shouldn't fall apart. Fingers crossed here.

Now I have also used wood filler to smooth over the tab/slot indentions and began painting the house the color I want the grout to be. The front door is painted and ready for bricking as well as the left side of the house. Some more filler and paint on the right and I can start to brick.

I am still deciding whether to just paint the inside of the front door or try to wallpaper and add strips of thin wood to cover the seams and divide the rooms. . .I figure I will paint it solid then decide afterwards. At least that is something that would be easy to change after the rest of the house is finished and I can start decorating the inside that way. I get all goosey thinking of seeing the house finished. I tried to cut more trim and the pieces that will frame the base of the house and make the edges neat and decorative but for some reason (lack of sleep most like) I couldn't cut the angles correctly. I'll get to those later when my brain isn't functioning on empty. LOL

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