Monday, August 29, 2011

An Old Roof

Yesterday I found a jar of stain and I finished the front and sides of the roof. After it was stained and dried (for once the extreme dry heat of Arizona came in handy) I dry brushed some grey over the shingles to age them and then detailed them with a bit of "moss". I'm very happy with how it came out. Found the perfect cat weather vane for the roof at EarthandTree miniatures and I will either make a bird nest if I can't find one to purchase for some place on the roof. This isn't the best picture ever, it was taken with my cell phone but it shows what it looks like. The back and chimney's still need to be finished but at least the parts that are immeadiately seen are completed.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mood lighting for the dining room. Last night I got tired of seeing a mess in the Gloucester so I got to work. I put a movie on from TCM and cleared out all of the rooms and then proceeded to measure and cut all of the remaining trim for the upper rooms. After they were ready to be painted and installed I let myself add the furniture and accessories I've been slowly buying for this house. I made the sideboard today from a kit.

Here's a picture with the flash so you can really see the detail. The punch bowl is a set from Chrysnbon and the teaset on the dining table was a Christmas present from my husband.
This is the bedroom set I purchased. It is a Melissa and Doug set, very sturdy and I'm pretty sure it's for children but I really love the detail and once I dress the bed and add the accessories you won't be able to tell.

Aaahhhh the parlour...minus the fireplace. I decided to buy the one I found from DollsHouse Emporium and am waiting impatiently for it to arrive. It will be perfect in this room. The gramaphone in the corner is a pencil sharpner. I will be detailing it so it looks more realistic, just had to see if it would fit...Now I'm wondering where in the world the Christmas tree will go this year ; ) Guessing the kitty and birdcage will have to be re-located. I'm really getting into this now. Even started staining the shingles but since I'm using a stain pen it didn't go very far. I'll have to buy a small can and refill my pen. Then onto shingling the back roof and finishing the chimneys. Once they are all stained I'm going to go back over them with washes of black and greys to fill in the little cracks I can't reach with the pen and give it a weathered look. I've been looking at weathervanes, I've always wanted one but I'm not really sure if I can add one to this house without it looking strange. Guess it is my house and I can do what I like right? LOL Also had the idea of adding a one inch edge around the sides and attached to the front door so that I can have a teeny bit of landscaping and maybe topiaries flanking the door... I'll have to do a test run first and see if it looks ok first.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Fireplace

Well since I will have to wait for all of the supplies before I can start work on my Colonial bashing I have wandered back to the Gloucester. Last night I took the dining hutch and filled it with blue and white china. I want to add some fruit to one of the bowls and some rolls to another plate but so far I love the look. I then took the dining table and re-stained it a red-mahagony stain that better matches the hutch, just need to polyurethane it. As I was looking at it I noticed how little needs doing before I can call the house complete. The interior only needs the final trims installed in the Master bedroom, bathroom and around the nursery door. And the shingles need to be stained. I had attempted to make my own grey wash/stain with a rust concoction but it smelled so strong and icky I tossed the whole thing before I even tried it out. Also, as I was taking inventory of the unfinished items I ran across my fireplace in the parlour which I absolutely hate. I have found what I think will be the perfect replacement for it here:
I would post the picture directly but it is copyrighted. The legs to the house are unstable, it wants to tip over when the door is open if you touch the door in the wrong way. So I will have to devise a plan to stabalize the legs. My husband and my dad both suggested I add braces between the legs towards the bottom I just don't know how to do it. I will hopefully be adding some more pictures soon of the finished Christmas house and the progress on the Gloucester.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Decisions, decisions...

Last night an order was placed for the corner moulding I need for a roof cap of the Christmas house and it will be 100% complete. I had planned to keep it for myself, even vehemently defended it against selling to my husband...and then I calmed down and realized I really want to work on my 1/2 scale Colonial dollhouse for myself. Soooo the Christams house will be going up on Etsy as soon as my order arrives. For the past 3 days I have doodling plans for changes I want to make to my Colonial. I want to add a kitchen and upper bathroom addition to the left side, a porch to the front (possibly around to the right side) and may or may not add dormer windows to the roof. I've contacted RGT for the cost of additional parts I will be needing and just have to make a decision about the porch before I can place that order. Here are my very very rough sketches. I cut and pasted multiple pictures together till I got the different options I'm debating with. I have scratched the idea of having the porch all the way around the front and both sides. I'm still debating on whether I want it on the front and right side and also I'm up in the air about the dormers. I wish I could try them out without having to pay for them LOL. Also the two lights you see on the front I've decided only one on the front and then one on the side of the addition next to the side screen door. With the dormers, on one hand the look without is simple and understated but with them it looks more like a farmhouse and would allow more light into the attic rooms. Please leave a comment with any suggestions you may have.

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Christmas!

Well sort of ...At least that' s how it feels. I've gotten so much done on my Christmas house. Finished bricking the foundation, trimmed under all the eaves and the back edges and corners , shingled the back roof and front roof and am half way done shingling the gable. I'm really getting into it. Haven't even finished the shingles completely but had to start decorating. I made the little wreath on the front door and wrapped the porch in green garland. Planning on decorating that so it's not so plain. Also had to try out my village lights on the house. Fingers crossed they have the signs this year like last. I've got my eye out for a couple that would look really sweet in a snow covered yard. After the dreaded shingles are done, and I can find a proper roof cap, I'm going to go over the roof in spots with snow and then will add a base with wintery landscaping. I'll check out Walmart for an extra large frame to use as the base and go from there. The windows My mini record player console came in and my mom gave me a magnet stove to use. It's coming along and I'm having a ball finding those odds and ends that remind my of Christmas as a child. I'll take a picture of the record player later. I'm planning to make mini copies of my own records to display with it.