Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Fireplace

Well since I will have to wait for all of the supplies before I can start work on my Colonial bashing I have wandered back to the Gloucester. Last night I took the dining hutch and filled it with blue and white china. I want to add some fruit to one of the bowls and some rolls to another plate but so far I love the look. I then took the dining table and re-stained it a red-mahagony stain that better matches the hutch, just need to polyurethane it. As I was looking at it I noticed how little needs doing before I can call the house complete. The interior only needs the final trims installed in the Master bedroom, bathroom and around the nursery door. And the shingles need to be stained. I had attempted to make my own grey wash/stain with a rust concoction but it smelled so strong and icky I tossed the whole thing before I even tried it out. Also, as I was taking inventory of the unfinished items I ran across my fireplace in the parlour which I absolutely hate. I have found what I think will be the perfect replacement for it here:
I would post the picture directly but it is copyrighted. The legs to the house are unstable, it wants to tip over when the door is open if you touch the door in the wrong way. So I will have to devise a plan to stabalize the legs. My husband and my dad both suggested I add braces between the legs towards the bottom I just don't know how to do it. I will hopefully be adding some more pictures soon of the finished Christmas house and the progress on the Gloucester.

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