Monday, August 29, 2011

An Old Roof

Yesterday I found a jar of stain and I finished the front and sides of the roof. After it was stained and dried (for once the extreme dry heat of Arizona came in handy) I dry brushed some grey over the shingles to age them and then detailed them with a bit of "moss". I'm very happy with how it came out. Found the perfect cat weather vane for the roof at EarthandTree miniatures and I will either make a bird nest if I can't find one to purchase for some place on the roof. This isn't the best picture ever, it was taken with my cell phone but it shows what it looks like. The back and chimney's still need to be finished but at least the parts that are immeadiately seen are completed.


  1. If you don't look at the background, you'd think that the roof is that of a real house. Your dollhouse is so realistic! How are your cats, btw? You should take a picture of them while they're lying on the house. Hehe.

    Santo Caridine

  2. Are those chimneys working at all? Hahaha, owners of that cute house will definitely be glad to have their own kitchen and cooking stuff. LOL! This is actually great! The designs are very impressive. Please show us how it looks when you're finally done with it!

    Herb Koguchi

  3. LOL yeah it's always weird to see a chimney without a fireplace or vice versa but at least the one to the right can be said to work for the kitchen stove. Maybe I need to rearrange the living room and place the fireplace on the backwall and then everything will line up : )

  4. The roof looks so real! The texture is as genuine as it can get. Those little chimneys are adorable. I bet your cats love the dollhouse. Hehehe. Anyway, I'd love to see the finished product. =)

    -Eugene Head