Saturday, January 28, 2017

Living Room

The first room I worked on was the living room. As you walk in you'll find a very cozy family room. The picture on the wall was made from a present tag my brother attached to his gift to my daughter a few years ago. I thought it was perfect for a painting. The backgammon game was a kit I put together for my brother who taught me to play. The Christmas tree I made from scratch and I am not totally happy with it but it'll do for now. Presents are piling up with so many people celebrating together. The baby walker is for my children when they were babies they had one very similar. There's a Loto ticket on top of the tv for my dad who likes to play the quick pick. The massive tv is a nod to my childhood and we have pictures of my brothers laying on the floor watching it.. There will be a scene of Charlie's Brown Christmas on it eventually as my brothers used to watch it each year. In the corner is White Christmas album. There are many reasons for this besides that I love albums. 1) Bing Crosby is one of my favorite singers. 2) After I discovered him for myself I found out later that my grandmother,  who had by then passed on and I hadn't gotten to know well, was enameled with him. So much so she nicknamed my uncle Bing.  Always felt that gave me a connection to her I didn't have before 3) The first time I watched the movie I was spending a month one summer with my brother and sister in law. She had me watch it while we painted ceramics and it is one of my favorite memories. The sewing/crochet chair is for my mom who loved to crochet as I was growing up and the sewing for myself. We crocheted many blankets together. Of course there is a glass of lemonade at the ready as anyone who knows me knows I am addicted to Koolaid Lemonade. I will be making pillows for the glider rocker. My mom has always loved having one. There are still many tiny details I want to add to this room such as an area rug, more yarn in the basket, a project in progress in the craft chair, and wall shelves for Christmas statues and decorations. That completes the tour of the living room for now, on to the dining room.

2 years later...

Where to start?  My last post I hoped to not have a huge space between posts. I guess I shouldn't have said that because it has been two years since I posted here. So much has happened. A quick summary of my life since then will catch you up. Both my kids are now in school and doing great. I changed jobs after 8years and am now an accounting specialist and am enjoying it. I no longer dread going to work and I am not so angry and unhappy. I hadn't realize how my unhappiness with my jobenvironment  was leaking over into my home life till I changed jobs. We have moved two times. The first was back in with my parents while we saved and searched for a home to buy. We found one in November 2015 that was being built and we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase it and move in February of 2016. Two story home with seperate rooms for my kids and a craft room with walkin closet for me. I lost one of my fur babies right before the move. He was a beautiful 9year old Red Point Siamese and it was a complete shock. Ok, all caught up. With the new space and after everything had calmed down I have gotten back to my miniatures. My larger House of Memories has the first two floors  completed and are just having accessories added as I find or make them. The attic needs the trim and lights installed and will be done. As blogger is giving me fits upoading pictures I will be doing a post for each room. That way I can talk about them in detail too.