Saturday, January 28, 2017

2 years later...

Where to start?  My last post I hoped to not have a huge space between posts. I guess I shouldn't have said that because it has been two years since I posted here. So much has happened. A quick summary of my life since then will catch you up. Both my kids are now in school and doing great. I changed jobs after 8years and am now an accounting specialist and am enjoying it. I no longer dread going to work and I am not so angry and unhappy. I hadn't realize how my unhappiness with my jobenvironment  was leaking over into my home life till I changed jobs. We have moved two times. The first was back in with my parents while we saved and searched for a home to buy. We found one in November 2015 that was being built and we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase it and move in February of 2016. Two story home with seperate rooms for my kids and a craft room with walkin closet for me. I lost one of my fur babies right before the move. He was a beautiful 9year old Red Point Siamese and it was a complete shock. Ok, all caught up. With the new space and after everything had calmed down I have gotten back to my miniatures. My larger House of Memories has the first two floors  completed and are just having accessories added as I find or make them. The attic needs the trim and lights installed and will be done. As blogger is giving me fits upoading pictures I will be doing a post for each room. That way I can talk about them in detail too.

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