Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blogger problems

I'm having issues with Blogger not keeping me logged in to make comments, even to my own blog. The only way I can comment is to choose the anonymous account, unfortunatly this isn't an option on everyone's blog. If you are able to make comments to my blog please continue to do so, I love to read them. I am hoping that this issue will soon be fixed as it appears to be a known issue to Blogger. Just wanted everyone to know if you make a comment I'm not ignoring you I just can't respond.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yesterday I had the sudden need for a fish. Not for dinner but as a pet. As I am notorious for bringing home the one eyed, one finned or otherwise damaged fish that live for only a few days (if that) I was a little leary of getting another. As I was browsing the fish section I came across the Betas. Normally I am drawn to goldfish but was struck by two Betas. One looked like red velvet and the other looked like a peacock feather. He even has a round red circle on his back fin like peacocks do. It took me awhile to make a decision and I still feel a bit guilty about only buying one instead of both and setting up two containers for them. However, I am very pleased to introduce Feather. Here he is, the first photo shows a better view of his tail and the circle. It was hard to take a picture of him and it still doesn't show off his unusual coloring. I know he's not technically a mini but he is tiny...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Have been really busy lately and haven't had much time to work on minis. My nieces birthday party was this weekend so packed up the kids and headed over. They live 2 hours from us so it's quite an adventure to get there with a 3 year old and 1 year old, especially when the 1 year old seems to get car sick.
As for the title of this blog, yesterday I went to the dentist and had my very first filling done. Let me tell you if at all possible it will be my last. My mouth is stil throbbing. A half hour procedure took them 2 hours. I don't know what was wrong but when they tried to numb my upper left side it numbed the lower left front and half of my tongue. Needless to say when they started drilling it wasn't pleasent. The dentist seemed a bit cranky that he had to stop and try to numb it again. The second time he got part of my upper left side and down my neck. He started drilling and apparently the nerve he was working around wasn't numb as I was getting shooting pain across to my front teeth. Felt like crying. Took some medicine when I got home in the hopes that it would help but my mouth feels like it was beaten up on one side and my ear aches. To top it off I'm a little worried they did the wrong side. At my cleaning when they found the cavity I could swear the person who does the cleaning thought the problem was with my left back tooth. When the dentist came in he said oh no that one's nothing to worry about it's this right back tooth we'll have to get in asap so it doesn't start to hurt. When I sat in the chair and he proceed to go for my left side I questioned him. He said he was double checking but that no it really was the left. Wish I could trust him but I just have this nagging feeling and if in 6 months I go for a cleaning and they say my right back tooth is bad I'm going to be one angry patient. Doesn't seem right that you can walk into the dentist without a single pain and by the time you leave you feel you've been tortured.
On the bright side when I got home and crashed, I woke to find a new kit of the month furniture kit for my Lydia Pickett dollhouse came in and 3 back issues of Miniature Collector I'd ordered had arrived. I've really been compiling ideas for my Orchid dollhouse kit. I'm pretty positive this will be my next project. I'm planning a bash of sorts and will be trying to make my own space saving stairs. I have some wonderful inspiration from the Greenleaf forum and the 3 magazines I just received. I'm going for a shabby chic retreat cottage. I ordered the bashing material awhile ago and have picked up a book of pastel textured cardstock. $5.00 and I got all of the wallpaper I need. Since I will want this house electrified but don't have the money for all the lights I will need I will be installing the wallpaper and flooring so it will be removeable. This way I can complete the house and then add the lights as I get them. We'll see how well this goes. I'm really looking forward to it.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Klutz Should Be My Middle Name...

This weekend has been pretty eventfull. Not much mini-ing done though. Had one of those two days where everything you touch you break so was very worried about aiming that at my dollhouses. First found the duct work under the house was destroyed by stray dogs who got under our house. Then I attempted to do laundry and the dryer hose popped off the back. Found that when the room started to smell like smoke. So had to drag that out and fix it and found a ball of dryer lint trying to catch fire. Afterwards I accidentally cracked the screen of my husband/son's IPad. My three year old son has been using that since he was two and never once hurt it. I touch it and destroy it. Then I spent 30 minutes trying to fix my DVR in my bedroom as somehow I disconnected it from the sattelite signal. To top off that I went to use my glue applicator, the glue nozzle was clogged and it exploded glue all over me. At the end of all that I decided to sit on the couch for the rest of the day and sneeze my head off. My allergies have been going haywire since yesterday. I should have taken that as a sign that the weekend might not go so well...LOL Only mini-ing I have done was to seal some of the art work for my 1:48scale Lydia Pickett Hill furniture kits. Figured I couldn't really screw that up too badly. Hopefully this week will just get better from here.