Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yesterday I had the sudden need for a fish. Not for dinner but as a pet. As I am notorious for bringing home the one eyed, one finned or otherwise damaged fish that live for only a few days (if that) I was a little leary of getting another. As I was browsing the fish section I came across the Betas. Normally I am drawn to goldfish but was struck by two Betas. One looked like red velvet and the other looked like a peacock feather. He even has a round red circle on his back fin like peacocks do. It took me awhile to make a decision and I still feel a bit guilty about only buying one instead of both and setting up two containers for them. However, I am very pleased to introduce Feather. Here he is, the first photo shows a better view of his tail and the circle. It was hard to take a picture of him and it still doesn't show off his unusual coloring. I know he's not technically a mini but he is tiny...


  1. Kabrina, Feather is beautiful. You might want to take some of the water out of the bowl. Siamese Fighting Fish like to jump! One that my daughter had, when she was a teen, committed suicide after she had him for just a day or two. We found out that they are known for jumping out of the bowl if the water is to near the top. BTW, I just fed your fish to the right....They were very hungry! Especially the blue one.

  2. LOL. Never mind. I just noticed that the neck of the bowl goes up higher than I thought. Happy fish watching!