Sunday, June 5, 2011

Klutz Should Be My Middle Name...

This weekend has been pretty eventfull. Not much mini-ing done though. Had one of those two days where everything you touch you break so was very worried about aiming that at my dollhouses. First found the duct work under the house was destroyed by stray dogs who got under our house. Then I attempted to do laundry and the dryer hose popped off the back. Found that when the room started to smell like smoke. So had to drag that out and fix it and found a ball of dryer lint trying to catch fire. Afterwards I accidentally cracked the screen of my husband/son's IPad. My three year old son has been using that since he was two and never once hurt it. I touch it and destroy it. Then I spent 30 minutes trying to fix my DVR in my bedroom as somehow I disconnected it from the sattelite signal. To top off that I went to use my glue applicator, the glue nozzle was clogged and it exploded glue all over me. At the end of all that I decided to sit on the couch for the rest of the day and sneeze my head off. My allergies have been going haywire since yesterday. I should have taken that as a sign that the weekend might not go so well...LOL Only mini-ing I have done was to seal some of the art work for my 1:48scale Lydia Pickett Hill furniture kits. Figured I couldn't really screw that up too badly. Hopefully this week will just get better from here.

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