Saturday, May 21, 2011


Lately I've been hitting a wall with the Gloucester. I kept forcing it to be something it isn't and I finally got smart and started listening. For one a time period has finally been relatively chosen. Originally I was going for early Victorian almost late Georgian feel but it wasn't having any of that. The house has decided it is more Edwardian, towards the turn of the century. I purchased a reprint of the Sears and Roebuck catalog from 1902 and was surprised at the amount of inspiration I've gotten from it. Also helped that I finally sat down and watched Meet Me in Saint Louis with Judy Garland and the set was just gorgeous. So, re-inspired I have once again started with the finishing details. The roof is 3/4 of the way shingled. I still need to finish the chimneys and attach them to the back roof. Also I have wallpapered the nursery and am especially pleased with how the striped paper looks. Exactly the colors I'd want for an Edwardian nursery. Lighting has also been completed. Each room is now lit, what a chore, I'm very happy that's finished.
On a side note I made my first 1/2 scale doll.
She was a kit I picked up at a shop for a dollar. She came pre-painted, I made her dress from scratch and wigged her myself. Her name is Penelope and she has requested I finish the Fairfield so she has a place to live LOL. After my luck with her I have also started with the Lady of the House for the Gloucester. I had another kit for her from the same shop but her face looked to serious and cold. So being me I repainted her and she is all set waiting for clothes. Apparently I also work better when I have a story behind it. Makes it easier to decide what the house needs furniture and accessories wise when I know the hobbies, likes, dislikes and daily work of the inhabitants of the house. As for the title of this post that is all I have done today. LOL I also left myself plenty more shingles to do tomorrow. I don't have any new pictures of the house so far since it doesn't look much different then the last time, but I should have some soon.

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