Monday, April 25, 2011

Etsy Store!

Ok, after much thought (pushing, persuading, wheedling, and every other encouraging method from family) I have opened an Etsy store. I only have one item for sale as of yet but will be adding more very soon. First up is a 1/144th scale Queen Anne dollhouse I had posted about earlier on this blog. I will have more items up but not all of them will be miniature/dollhouse related. I have many other handmade crafts ready for sale, ceramics, beaded ornament covers, crocheted bookmarks ....the list goes on. I'm just trying to get better at taking pictures before posting them. Store name is DawningLightCreation.

Also, I have a Harrison dollhouse kit by Greenleaf I'd like to sell. I opened the box enough to look at the instructions, nothing was ever removed but it's just not talking to me. So I would like to sell it and get a different style home, I'm really interested in the Lily dollhouse by Corona. If anyone is interested please PM me with any questions. I'm willing to ship too but be aware shipping might be a bit as the kit weighs 30lbs. Here is a link to the company website with pictures of the dollhouse kit.

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