Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well, I have painted most of the trim to the Gloucester, started cutting the "stones" for the two chimneys and have worked a lot on the mini rug I'm making for the dining room. I added the sink I got from a greenleaf member to the kitchen and put up a few more accessories in there too. So far the bottom two rooms have gotten the most attention and look like real rooms now. But on that note I have taken a break from my dollhouse... for multiple reasons:
1.) I am really in the need to clean and organize my art room (insert scream of terror here LOL) I loose my urge to create when that room is in total chaos.
2.) I have been very busy work wise and my mind is frazzled. I will be going on a business trip in November to Boston and I can't seem to really focus on much else through the panicing of leaving my children for a full week to the arrangements of times and flights and schedules. So I've been concentrating on projects I can easily tote from one place to another, don't require a lot of thought, allow the most time to spend with my kids and still give me the feeling I'm making something, so far that has been needlepoint.
3.) The holidays are fast approaching. My son's 4th birthday is this Saturday. Time does go by so fast! I've been franticlly making to do lists and I want to have the house all cleaned, organized and homey before I leave in November so I won't worry about it when I'm not here and it will be so cozy to come home to.
4.) And finally I was feeling a tad burned out. You probably couldn't tell from here but I had done a lot of work in a short amount of time on this dollhouse and I was beginning to peter out. So the best thing for me is to take a step back, breathe.... and recoup for the next mini attack.

Although not mini I have begun a cross stitch project and strange as it may sound it's for my brother for Christmas. He's going to absolutely love it. I can't say exactly what it is just in case he checks in here but I'm going to have a ball doing it. I had to buy new dowels for my scroll frame as the project is too wide for the ones that came with it. Only problem is the old dowels were split and it made keeping the fabric tight easy. I need to find the proper way to attach it without that split. Right now it is stitched to the dowels, taped along the edge of that and then scrolled up the fabric still wants to unfurl one way or the other just enough to make the center slightly droopy. If anyone has a link or can tell me what I need to do I'd really appreciate it. I can practically do the stitching with my eyes closed but this part is beyond me.

So with my break from my dollhouse I will be focusing on other "real life" projects. I've got a list going of things I'd like to make for Christmas. As money is tight with this economy etc, I have decided to raid my stash of supplies and make awesome, home made gifts for many of the people on my list. Hope they enjoy them. Some I will be able to post pictures of here, I won't be completely gone...

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