Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christmas at the Grandparents Part 1

Well the decision to hold off on minis lasted a few weeks....Then I realized that minis are a great stress reliever and if I didn't start up again it was bound to get ugly LOL. After 3 weeks of my kids being sick off and on as well as me and the mounting stress from work I caved. I escaped to my art room a few nights ago and the Arthur kit began it's taunting again. Surprise to me as I hadn't even been thinking about it when I went in there. I was actually debating between the Fairfield and the Mckinnley and had gotten so far as a dry fit with the Fairfield and marking where changes needed to be made. But I realized it wasn't going to happen. So it has once again been dismantled and stored and the Arthur took it's place on my work table. In under a few hours I had the house shell put together, the stairs moved and altered, the bottom floor dividing wall removed and the kitchen set picked out. Only hitch in my plan was that the kitchen set I've been in love with for so long was no longer available. But a wonderful person on the Greenleaf forum came to my rescue and I now am the happy owner of this wonderful kitchen. After I removed the wall I was having a hard time deciding on the wall treatment. Since the walls would now have to be covered all the way the length of the house and I didn't want to try and splice wallpaper I was stumped. Then, as I was staring at the blank walls, I got the idea to do the same technique my dad did to the walls of his house. I feathered them. Now I just need to paint them, but I am much happier then I would have been if I had settled for wallpaper. I've started painting them antique white. I will either stain the trim work like the floors or I will paint it all white I'll have to do some testing first to see which looks better. Here are some pictures of the progress so far.

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