Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

It has been a very nice Halloween. I just returned from trick o' treating with my kids. Elora was dressed as an adorable spider witch and Aidan was Captain America. They had a blast! I have some pictures of both of them I'll be able to get online in a bit. But till then I have a few pictures to share from this weekend. I had a very productive time. For some reason this house is working up so much faster and smoothly then any other house I've attempted. I'm very happy with how it's turning out. Over the weekend I was able to texture and color the exterior walls. I had to mix my own paint color as I had run out of Goose Feather by AppleBarrel but was determined that the walls be that. Sooooo after some random mixing I got the color I wanted, added some fine sand to the paint and began applying it. The whole time the images of gingerbread houses kept going through my mind and helped in the direction I chose for accent colors. The porch floor was painted a dark green, the posts and top railings are now painted Black Cherry and the main pieces of the porch are white. When I told my mom the colors and inspiration she asked "So, do the people paint their house each year just for Christmas?" LOL guess she didn't quite get the consept. It actually does look much more realistic then cookie walls, gumdrop shingles and licorise windows. I haven't decided exactly how I'll do the windows and door but they will have all of those three colors incorporated somehow. All of the porch pieces have been painted are ready for installation. I also attached the porch roof and installed the porch light as well as the kitchen light. The hole for the living room ceiling fan wire is drilled but the fan is not installed. My hand kept hitting the fan and I was afraid of accidentally breaking it. Once I'm completed with the porch I can fill in the holes of the front wall that were there for the porch pieces, fix the feathering of the inside and paint the walls. The first picture you can just see my record player in the top right corner LOL. Was alternating between Doris Day and the Andrew Sisters. At one point I had a Johnny Mathis Christmas album playing to get the mood going for the house, my husband probably thought I had lost it. LOL After these were taken I painted the posts Black Cherry and the railings that will go on top and bottom of the white pieces.

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  1. OMG! that is the funniest post! My huz feels the same way, in regard to my own miniature adventures LOL!