Sunday, March 13, 2011

Busy Busy

I've been pretty busy with the Gloucester. I have shingled the front of the roof, wallpapered the master bedroom, chosen the nursery wallpaper and installed the second floor stair railings and the railings in the master bedroom. I think the paper for the nursery will work either way as I'm not sure if it will be for a boy, girl or both. There is still the sides and back of the roof to shingle and then I'll stain the whole thing. I have a grey shingle dye, I've never used this before so I hope it works. There is also the trim and door to install in the master bedroom and I am still debating on wallpaper for the bathroom. So far I'm loving how it's coming together. I love this view!
This is the striped paper for the nursery.
Master Bedroom all wallpapered and railings installed so my little people don't trip and fall down a flight of stairs on their way to the bathroom LOL
And here's an overall view of the inside.


  1. It's always fun to see a little colour and 'life' coming into a new house :)

  2. It is looking great :)

  3. I love the paper in the master bedroom. I have some on hand, but not sure where it will end up yet