Friday, March 5, 2010


Well, It's been awhile since I've posted any work on the Gloucester but I have been busy trying to clean and get the nursery and Aidan's room ready. Only two months left, and I am panicking, so much to do so little time. I couldn't quite stop mini-ing though so I started going through my smaller kits. I figured at least this way I wouldn't take up too much room building while I'm trying to keep things clean and it would be easier to work on if I can fit a house in the palm of my hand. I found a NESM Queen Anne dollhouse in 1/144th scale that I had started at one time but stopped when I realized I was missing part of the foundation. The company was really nice and sent me a replacement part. By the time I got it my attention must have wandered because the poor house sat in a draw barely started and forgotten. I pulled it out, thinking I would be good and finally finish something I started, guess I really should have paid attention to the first missing piece more. I had the whole house papered, floors stained and the house built all the way to the tower roof. .. .then trouble started. .. I was also missing the roof parts to the tower. So once again the little house is sitting unfinished while I wait for my pieces to arrive. However, I promised myself as soon as it does I WILL finish it this time. All that needs done is the tower roof pieces, paint the roof all the same color and landscaping. I like the color it comes with so I'm thinking of blending fine sand in with Charcoal Grey paint and texturing the roof pieces with that. I will post pictures of this house as soon as my pieces arrive. It will be a nice feeling to have something completed to display.

This scale is really growing on me. I have quiet a few kits hidden away for days when I really need something that I can finish relatively quickly. I have been stocking up the past couple years whenever I find 40% or 50% off coupons from . .Just received the 50% off coupon last weekend and I used it on the 1/144th Beacon Hill and my mom received the same coupon through email and bought the 1/144th Victorian Mansion for me (April 1st there is a coupon for 40% off and I already found another kit to use it on). I found wonderful inspiration from Lori over on Her work is just beautiful and really got me in the mood again for these tiny creations, check it out if you haven't already. . .

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