Monday, January 18, 2010

One room down, 5 to go!

And the Dining room is complete! Yeah! Finished the banister, installed the stairs and corner moulding this weekend.

Then I decided that I would much rather have a stone type floor in the kitchen and used a tutorial online to simulate flagstones. They are in the rough first stage right now. Once they are completely dry I will sand them done some so they aren't so lumpy-bumpy the start the wash stains to get the coloring I want. I think this will match the wallpaper much better now.
As my house progesses I feel that I have completely lost anytype of era. I have given up on having a "Victorian" or "Georgian" style and have gone with "My dream home" as a theme, an eclectic mix of the two. There will still (hoepfully) be no items in the house that would date later then 1900. However a specific year before this is wiped clean. Maybe after it is all finished someone out there will be able to tell me what it closest resembles. : )
Here is a photo showing the roof on, it is just sitting on top and I am dreading installing it. The front fits beautifully but there is a nice gap in the back that you can see if you bend down and look inside. Crossing my fingers that I can sand edges or stick skewers in the cracks before papering to make them unnoticable. The ceiling is vaulted to 8 1/2 inches but it's very hard to tell in photos.
This last photo shows the top of the stairs leading to the living room and the door between the two rooms.


  1. Wow, your house is really coming along! I think it's fine that you aren't sticking to any particular period --your house is perfectly charming. I also really like how your blog is set up. I'm just now "breaking ground" on Merriman Park. I'm going to try to post some pics tonight. --John

  2. The dining room looks so great! I love the new floor in the kitchen too- you are doing a fabulous job!

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments!