Monday, January 4, 2010

OOOHHH pretty!

First of all I apologize for the quality of the photos if you poke them. I took these with my camera phone and the walpaper came out muted. I didn't have my camera available and was too excited to wait. My husband came home last night around 11pm and first thing he said when he saw it was "WOW it looks like a room!" Guess that's as good a compliment as any. made me excited, at least someone could tell it was room rather than a box with scrap paper inside LOL!

This is a picture of my dining room. I still have the moulding for around the arch to complete and install and a little bit of white molding to install in the corners of the room. There is the slightest of gaps that really bothers me but with a little trim it will be fixed. I'm loving this room! The staircase is only being held in place with the clamp, it's not installed. I have all the spindles to finish painting and the room above to wallpaper and do moulding for before I can install these stairs. The chandelier I ordered came in, however I have to order an adapter so I can plug straight into the tapewire. I had to wait till the light came in as I didn't know what size I needed. It's a very beautiful 5 arm palace chandelier. Sounds too fancy but it looks really nice, I can just see it above the table and chairs with a cabinet in the back to hold the china. OOOHHH the excitement!

Here is the flooring I finally decided on for the kitchen. I really like the looks but haven't found the wallpaper to set it off. I have a black colonial swag light for this room and will be getting a black wood burning stove. I love the blue just not sure what I want on the walls. Originally I thought this would be the easiest room to finish but the dining room proved me wrong.

The wallpaper to the bottom left is for the parlour. I jumped for joy when it came in and the color matched the fabric I'd chosen for the sofa perfectly. It's not installed just cut to size. I was too impatient to wait for the installation before showing it off. This picture shows the top of the stairs to the bottom right side. That might help explain why I have to wait to install the stairs. It is also the reason I changed the other side of the staircase. There was supposed to be one of those boars for the other side but it looked very trange. Not like a nice staircase should lol. That is all the eye candy I have to show for now. Will continue working on the wallpapering of the rest of the rooms. Still undecided if I will have a bathroom or a small library in this house. . . decisions, decisions. . .

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