Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Micro Victorian Mansion

Here are some more pictures. I finally completed the 1/144th scale Victorian mansion. I am very happy with the turn out. It took awhile for the roof pieces to come in and then I kept putting off the landscaping. But at kept my word and finished it.

I thought I had already posted the little progress that had been done on my Gloucester but I hadn't so here it is. I still have to add the ceiling trim and light to the kitchen. I had to test out some of my accessories. :) I still want to add a space saver sink, but I am worried it may seem too cluttered. The floor came out better than I thought it would especially for a first try. The built in shelves need trimming to make them appear thicker but I like the effect it has.

The wallpaper in what will become the bathroom is still in question. It is glued in except for the bead board around the bottom half of the walls. I don't know if it makes it appear too similar to the dining room or if it gives it a nice balance. But as all that is in there is wallpaper it should be easy to change if I decide against it. The blemish on the right side of the ceiling has been fixed. I appologize for the crooked picture, that is due to me not the house.

I have found the perfect light for my living room (at least I think so). I love how dainty the chains are. At first I didn't like the rose colored globes but the more I see it against the wallpaper the more convinced I am that it was made for this room. I have light in mind for the kitchen and I think it would work well in the bathroom too. It is a simple clear two arm globe hanging lamp. To me it seems like a nice gas lamp that is more serviceable than showy. We'll see.

One more note. I just received my Brimbles Mercantile Laser cut in 1/2 scale from Greenleaf. I am very excited about starting it but am determined not to begin until I have all the pieces to complete the house such as lights, slip bricks (which I am dying to try), wallpaper, shingles, etc. That should make completion faster as I won't have to wait for shipments to arrive. Now I just need to make a complete list and begin the check off process :) I love lists so this should be fun! Just one more project to add. I can hear my husband moaning from the other room already. . . hee hee. Oh well, at least he knew what he was getting into from the beginning. My art room is packed. He's already told me that when/if we ever build a house he's making sure they add a shop to it for all of my crafts. Now if I could just hit the jackpot and then I can hold him to it! :)


  1. Es una verdadera maravilla!!!
    Me encantan las casitas en 1/44, pero me parece que me seria imposible amueblarlas, tengo las manos demasiado grandes jejejeje
    besitos ascension

  2. Thanks for the nice comments. I do have some unfinished metal furniture that would fit inside the little house but I'm sure I would have to use long tweezers to get any of it in. I doubt my fingers would be small enough either. LOL