Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Tumor....?

Got the results back yesterday afternoon. There is definitly something there and it's not scar tissue. There were 2 differentials suggested, a chondroma or slow-growing giant cell tumor. My dad is a PA and a realy really good one at that; better then the doctors I have seen, and I'm not being completely biased either. So I took the disc with the x-rays, and MRI on it to him for his opinion. After comparing my images and symptons to those on the AAOS website it looks like it is either an aneursymal bone cyst or a slow-growing giant cell tumor. Good news is that those are normally non-cancerous. Bad news they most likely will need surgery to remove and depending on how big and destroyed the surrounding bone(s) is/are will depend on how intense the surgery will be. I have an appointment Monday morning with my FP doctor to disscuss the results and we will go from there.
I, of course, am nervous. On the results from the Radiologist who read the MRI he suggested a biopsy or resection and if that wasn't what the doctor wants then at least have another MRI in 4-6 months. I am all for getting it removed. It had already started to bother me before the x-ray but because my Pediatrist told me my foot was fine and there was nothing there I never persued it, thinking it must just be all in my head if they can't see anything. I'm a bit pissy about that right now. Although it doesn't appear to have grown and the report says it has been stable since April of 2009 it could have been different and that bothers me. I would rather just skip the biopsy and go straight for removal. One, biopsy includes a freaking huge needle, see the last postas to how I'd handle that. = / Two, if they do a biopsy more likely then not they would come back and suggest removal anyways to reduce the risk of it becoming something worse, so I would have been subjected to the ginormous needle for nothing. At least with the resection they would put me under without me having to be deal with anything bigger then an IV. Slice and dice away but stay away from me with needles. LOL. Weird I know but hey, who can rationalize an irrational fear?
My poor husband, last time I broke my foot I had to stay at my parents house for the recovery period. Couldn't drive with the boot on and his and my work schedule, plus the baby and the steps leading up to our house, made it impossible for me to safely stay at home. So every time I trip he begs "Please don't break your foot! I don't want to live at your parents again!" HAHA imagine his face when I got back and said "Don't worry hunny, my foot's not broken this time but I may have a tumor in it and may have to have surgery. So guess what!? That means we get to stay at my parents again!" Yeah I'm a little evil. LOL He's a sweety though, he didn't even cry! ; )


  1. Sending you positive thoughts. Medical issues are never fun. :\ Big hugs! :D

  2. Wow - keep us posted! Take care!!

  3. Hopefully, it won't be as invasive as you fear. We're all pulling for you!

    I'm the same way about needles and actually once fainted in the doctors office at the sight of one! (OK, I was a boy at the time, but still...) So now I always tell them up-front and they always keep them out of sight!