Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring Cleaning Fever

Well I've come down with it and it's horrible timing as I can't actually accomplish anything. It's that time of year when I stop and assess my art room. I have come to the decision that I do not have the room to display anymore full scale houses and I have to decide which I will be keeping. My list of unfinished and unstarted houses is outrageous so I have narrowed it down to the following, the Gloucester because my son helped paint the windows, doors and other assorted trim and my dad helped with cutting and installing the base trim, the Holly Ann which I will be receiving as a Christmas gift from my parents and plan for this to be my heirloom dollhouse, and my Pickett Hill dollhouse are all on the keep list. I am trashing the Fairfield and have replaced it with the Sea-Side villa in half scale and I also will be receiving the landscaping kit for the Pickett Hill and the quarter scale This Olde Shoe. I purchased these with my allowance money from my tax refund this year. These are on the keeplist too. I will no longer be allowing myself to purchase any more full scale kits and the remaining 1/12 scale houses kits I have will be gotten rid of. My Arthur house is hanging in the balance. Because it's so small and I am dedicating it to memories of my childhood I'm leaning towards keeping it. Listing it out like this doesn't seem like I am giving up anything but the kits I will be giving up is at least double this size possibly triple. I will continue to build quarter and micro minis and will be putting them up for sale in my Etsy shop but I really want to focus on completing to the best of my ability the houses that truly having meaning to me. The Orchard House is still on the someday list but it will be someday way in the future. Making this list and putting it out there at least makes me feel better and I'm sure my husband will be thrilled to realize I am going to stop hoarding kits and focusing on only a few. I think he'd be even happier if I only kept one but that's not going to happen LOL. Cutting back to 1 or 2 per scale is a huge jump to me. Each scale is so different and you have to approach them in different ways as to what works that to me they don't count as the same hobby but each scale is separate to itself. Hubby and others may not see it that way and it's even hard to explain in writing but there it is. now that this decision is made and my list of what needs to be done is started I feel like a huge relief has settled over me. Sorry there were no pictures to post and this was a total babble post but I have made progress on the Gingerbread Mansion 1/144 scale so I'll be taking photos soon to share and this will be going up for sale. As I work I have the thoughts of lavender and lace so she will be done up in total Victorian Painted Lady style.


  1. Hello... I just found your blog and am happy to say I've become your newest follower...I'd love to invite you over to visit and follow me when you get a chance. I love your mini world.... wow, you've got all sizes... that's amazing.
    Have a funfilled day.

  2. Hi Sandy! I'm glad you're here. I just got a quick look at your blog, love it! Heading back to check it out more.