Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sewing is fun!

Well, no progress has really been made in miniatures. At least none that can be photographed to show a huge change. I finished the hollyhocks and "planted" them around the Pickett Hill. I'm really pleased with how they came out. I moved on to painting the fern leaves and stopped. Had a shocking comment from my hubby about it. He saw the Pickett Hill and said he doesn't mind those houses it's the massive 1/12 scale he doesn't like. I interpreted that as "go ahead and do as many quarter scale as you want and I won't complain" : ) closest thing to a compliment about my miniatures I've gotten from him so I'm taking it! LOL

I have 't been idle though. Aidan's and Elora's stockings are 100% complete. I lined the inside with another piece of felt and cut a bigger back from the same felt. The one that came with it was too small you could hardly put anything in it. I've also finished the fronts of my aunt and uncle's stockings. Waiting for the order of more felt to come in before I can finish and mail them to them. Their's will be harder. They requested an additional 3 inches be added to their's so i am making a three inch cuff and will have to use a fabric liner and a bigger back felt piece, which is why i needed to order more felt. I want the felt to match the fronts. Elora's worked with two colors but if i try that with a cuff it would be too patchy. Can't show my Aunt and Uncle's as they are surprises but I can show off my kids'. I have had a blast making these. I have a ton of other kits and I plan to start making them up for sale next year. I still have 3 more to do before this Christmas or I would try for this year. It has taken me approximately two weeks to complete each one. Between working full time and two kids i'd say that was pretty good.


  1. OMG, those stockings are astonishing! Great job!

  2. Thanks, John! I've had an absolute blast making these, I started my 5th one tonight. It's a sugar plum fairy stocking for my niece.

  3. Hello Kabrina,
    Well, when it comes to husbands and miniatures, take allt he compliments you can get.
    Those stockings are just wonderful. I love them.
    Big hug,