Friday, January 18, 2013

Decision made.. Tea Rose Too

Well first off my eBay order arrived today, good news, the main street four square is complete, bad news, all the main pieces for the Dutch Colonial are missing. I was forewarned in the ad so I'm not angry with the seller, it was listed as estate sale. Still, the cost of both together is still far less the either one alone. So all in all I'm happy with what I got. I'll attach a picture that came with it as googling it was really difficult and only returned 1 result for me. I fell in love with the front porch. Strangely the kit comes with stairs but there is no hole on the second floor for the stairs to come out of. Only guess is you're supposed to imagine this as only part of the house and the other half is somewhere else.

As to my decision on which kit to do next I've decided on the Tea Rose Too. I have definite ideas for the interior as well as landscaping. The kit is for the house alone and landscaping pictured is for inspiration only. It will be super cute. I'm going to go for a modern English cottage feel on the furnishing, semi-shabby chic, muted colors, overstuffed furniture. The feeling of home and comfort, a place you would like to hide away in with a good book.


  1. That's too bad about the missing pieces. But building that cute, little cottage ought to make up for it, right? Wouldn't you love to have a full-sized version of that as a little get-away?

  2. I didn't even know that four-square kit existed. It looks exactly like my Real House! Could you give me a little more info about it, so that I can scan ebay periodically for it? I have the GL village and this would be awesome to put in with the other 1/4 scales :D

  3. I would definitely love that cottage in real life. For the other kit all I know is it was called Main Street Four Square and made by Debbie Young from It doesn't appear to be made anymore and this was the first time I had seen it. The more I work in miniatures the more quarter scale appeals to me. I'd like to have a hutch some day to display them all in.

  4. Hello Kabrina.
    It's a shame about the missing pieces, butI am glad you are happy with what you way or the other I know you'll work your magic. I look forward to th Tea Rose's a beautiful structure.
    Big hug,