Friday, June 13, 2014


Three lights to be exact. I installed the entry light and hooked up the two porch lamps. I love the look this gives to the house. I need to paint the ceilings of the other rooms before continuing. I thought of using sparkling for a rougher finish but to be honest I am beyond ready for this structure to be finished so I can start the decorating portion. So plain, smooth white ceilings will work fine for me.

(The light from the back window is in the kitchen, it was being tested)

The seam in the kitchen I thought I could live with but I just can't. Tonight I plan to fix the part that shows. The rest of the wall I can live with being gappy because there is no way to view it unless you pull out my don't, please. The light choices are proving problematic. 1) I don't like some of the ones that I have, 2) I am almost out of shrink tubes ( I ruined four by improperly heating them) and 3)I don't think I have enough to finish the house. I have some old fashioned type lamps I am thinking if I repaint them from black to enamel white or other color I could use two in the hallway and the two hallway lights I was going to use would look better in the kids room and laundry area. I have a light I can use in the kitchen but it involve a bit of light bashing for me to be happy with it. I have also made a list of the last things I must do for this structure to be finished. Landscaping will have to wait till I have money for the supplies I want. 
Seeing it like this I can really tell how close to done I am :)

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