Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well as promised here are a few photos to get started. These ones are 1/144th scale. The first are a few plants that I made the two green ones were from kits from SDK miniatures and were a lot of fun to put together, much easier than I had thought with how tiny they are.

Now here is an English front opening house in 1/144th scale. It was a blast to make and made me want a front opening dollhouse in 1/12th scale which is how I got started on the Gloucester. This was also from a kit and for the life of me I can't remember who made it. I even have another kit from the same place at home waiting to be built, oooohhh, frustrating. Anyhoo. . .

Here is a shot of the inside. It's kind of hard to see but all of the doors have tiny door knobs made from no-hole beads and the staircase is very detailed. This kit was also extra easy to put together. I still need to frame the doors and windows but until then these pics. will have to do. All of the wallpaper came from web printies.

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