Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Irish Cottage

Here is my Irish one room cottage. The house is from a kit from Greenleaf but I bashed it to make it mine. The fireplace is my precious treasure from Braxton Payne, it makes the room. The floor was made from skinny sticks, and the cupboard is a bashed Michael's hutch. This house has special meaning for me. For my honeymoon my husband and I went to Ireland. I loved the scenery (it was soooo green!) and the cottages were perfect. When we came home I decided to make a one room cottage in memory of our honeymoon.
I used scrapbook paper to make the wallpaper and joint compound as stucco. That was a fun process, very messy, it was like playing with mud. The roof was made from coconut fibers, a much easier process than I was expecting. I am especially proud of that roof. It was my first try and I love how the roof ridge came out.

I'm making curtains for the windows, my door needs handles and an outside step, and I need to trim the base. I plan to make window boxes with flowers but that will be sometime later. Oh and if no one noticed my house would be very smokey I forgot about the chimney when I thatched the roof. I'll have to think on that for awhile to find a solution. That's it for now. See you all later. . .


  1. This house is so cute and what an awesome reminder of your honeymoon! Your 1/144 plants are amazing too- I am in awe- I don't think I would do well working that small!