Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Progress on the Gloucester

Real life has been getting in the way recently so I am making slow progress on my Gloucester. The second floor is laid, stained and varnished, ready for installation. Only one more floor to go, ugh, more skinny sticks. I started to prime some of the walls and I got the two pieces for the door glued together. There has been a slight problem with the door. When I got the pieces they were perfectly flat and I was so happy that I didn't think they would warp much as they were in such good condition to begin with. WRONG! I glued the two together and I thought I had weighted it down correctly but apparently I did it wrong and now my front door is warped. Last night I sprayed the door down with plain old water and re-weighted even more and left it overnight. I really hope that this works. I plain to prime it white before adding wallpaper so if the water doesn't work maybe the paint will. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to flatten it again I would really appreciate any comments.

That leads me to the next problem I made a calculation error when I ordered my wallpaper. I was so happy to see the selection from for 3 sheets of 6 different patterns for 9.99, they choose the patterns, that I grabbed up the peach/coral set. Can anyone guess the problem? It took me a day or two after I got my order to realize that I have a front opening dollhouse, thus I need 4 sheets of every pattern. Oooopps! Back to the drawing board. My husband suggested ordering another set like before and hope that some of them will match and if not I will have some for my next project. I jumped for joy at his accidentally suggesting I should buy some more for my stock. At least that is what I heard : ) Anyhoo. . . I will post more later when I have more done.

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