Monday, July 9, 2012

Changes everywhere!

Wow! It has been months since my last post and so much has happened and changed since then, including Blogger it seems. A quick re-cap. Surgery and healing has gone wonderfully. In physical therapy right now to get my foot to not hurt when I walk, taking longer then I thought. They said I had RSD but were surprised since my surgery was in February and it wasn't that long ago but when I told them I had had the tumor since 2008 at least and have always walked "funny" they said it made sense. So that's going good.
However, on a home front note after much consideration we will be living with family for awhile while we work on getting a new home. Sadly this means everything we own will be going into storage, except clothing and our bed. This also means no more large scale minis. All the unopened kits are being safely stored away for our new home. I have to leave the Arthur for last to make sure I have the room to store it. I have been keeping all of my small scale kits with me and fortunately will be able to work on those to keep me from going completely stir-crazy. I need an outlet or I stress and get snappy.
I have been making minimal progress on any crafts at the moment, working full time, with two kids and trying to go through a house of stuff. How can a small family like ours have so much stuff?! It's insane! I have come to realize I am huge pack rat. And on that note I have been considering treating myself to another detailed quarter scale house to work on later heehee. That's the great thing about 1/4scale and 1/144 scale dollhouses, they take up so little space and are easy to store away. I am looking at a few kits, the Tea Rose Too and the Avalon dollhouse. Not sure which I will get if either but I have a small bonus coming from work and I think I have been under quite a bit of stress lately I deserve a mini treat.
I found a new blog I am reading I had to start from the beginning I love her work! What an inspiration, it really makes me want to finish my UFO's. I did decide to start the landscaping of the Pickett Hill. I have the base painted, the flower beds are cut out and glued in place and the "shell" path is laid. I snag a few minutes here and there to glue something or paint something small, it's not much but it works. Besides always thinking of or working on minis I am stitching a Headless Horseman Sampler as a gift. I had bought the pattern and supplies awhile ago and had started it and set it aside but I dragged it out a couple months ago to finish and I have gotten quite a bit done on it. Well, there's not much to report or show at the moment. Now that I have my laptop with me I hopefully will be posting more often with pictures to prove I haven't been slacking. Till next time.


  1. So glad to hear you're on the mend! Good luck with your move.

  2. Kabrina, so pleased you found my blog - thank you very much for the lovely comments you left, I am so pleased that you find it inspiring! I too have most of my 1:12th scale minis in storage - but guess what: I have recently reclaimed my Arthur which had been stored in a shed! Unfortunately it was damaged during storage so I will be doing a complete re-vamp of it, and blogging about the progress. I can see that I'll have to spend a lot of time catching up on your blog, and seeing what you have been up to as well. Sandie (Snippets)

  3. Thank you John.
    Sandie, I love your blog, I had to go back and stry from the beginning. Your Petite Properties are great, I have a few kits and have my eye on one more but I gaven't taken the plunge. Now will be the perfect time to try one. I want to try the Snowdrop, go figure that's he one I don't have LOL

    1. Thanks so much Kabrina. I really do admire your dedication to have read so much lol! The Petite Properties are wonderful kits to do, and they teach you all sorts of skills as well. I have actually brought the Snowdrop away with me too!

  4. Kabrina, I am starting my Avalon now, and also have the Tea Rose Too kit at home! Email Patricia: She handles orders for Ann's houses, including the one we were talking about. Hugs, Sandie