Sunday, July 29, 2012

Re-model part 2

The day before last I smoothed down the plaster walls and painted them a grey color to simulate grout. That way when my grout arrives if for some reason a spot doesn't take well it won't be so noticeable with the grey color their, rather then a bright beige color. Then yesterday I began applying the bricks. I of course started on the hardest part, the front. All of those windows! It took me 4 hours to lay down 10 3/4 rows, but the time is worth it when I look at the result. I haven't smoothed out the quoins but I will do that after I finish bricking the front. I have been starring at the edges, opening and closing the door so I can see if it will possible to wrap the quoins realistically around them. So far I think it will work. I'm thinking I will need to shade the bottom block stone on bottom so that it looks aged like the top. I want to keep those the beige color though so possibly dirty washing over them all after I detail them up a bit with some other beige's.

As promised in my last comment here are some pictures of the inside. It is going to be completely re-furnished and accessorized soon. I order 3 new Chrysolite lights to replace the dining room, parlour and nursery. I am looking at some Ray Storey lights for the bathroom and bedroom. I kind of like my kitchen light, it at least fits the period. However, I have seen some gorgeous more dainty scaled ones that I am fighting against. I never fight too hard so we shall see. I figured since this is the only large scale house I can work on right now, and possibly for a couple years, I am taking my time and will do it right. I will save for the details I want to make it as realistic as possible, which means changing a lot. At least I am happy with the floors, wallpapers and ceilings so all that's needing updating is the furniture and accessories.
 The floor edges will be trimmed off with some really thin strips of wood so as not to impede the closing of the front, but enough to cover the wires and trim it up. Also, that strip in the corner will be secured to the wall and a false little extension added to the side to hide it from view while turning the light switch on still easy.
 I have a nursery furniture kit I will be building and putting in here. Two items on my wish list for here is the Noah's Ark toy set and table from Cynthia Howe's miniatures and a dainty rocking horse.
 I will be keeping the fireplace but I don't know about the furniture. I may find kits to replace them so I can get a proper wood stain color. I also will be adding a stair carpet to these stairs so my mini people don't slip and fall. All of the hardwood floors will be getting another coat of varnish to make them shine.
 Again, I changed the bedroom set from what I had before but of course I'm not 100% happy with it. Maybe I'll change it for a more "hygienic" metal bedstead. : ) You know they are up and coming with the change of the century and all.
 A modern day indoor bathroom.! All the convenience you could need!. The door still needs to be painted and trimmed and the little wall still needs that bottom green border added. Still a ton of details and accessories to add, things for the walls and a mirror of some kind.


  1. Hi Kabrina,
    I can't believe how you transformed this kit house. The exterior is looking great and I'm very impressed by the quality of your interior rooms.
    Keep up the amazing work,

  2. Kabrina, you are doing wonders with this house. I am sure that by now you have done heaps more of the bricks and I hope you post photos soon. The interior is looking wonderful! I agree with Giac, the quality is lovely. Keep up the great effort and keep posting. Hugs Sandie