Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Casings are fun!

So far I have not found anything I dislike doing with this dollhouse.  I continued making some window frames, as well as framed the entry/living room door, front door and back door. The entry window and the living room window frames have been installed. I have no baseboards or crown moulding so I will need to buy those. 

Also, I seriously dislike the kitchen set up. There is hardly any wall space and the wall available has a low cut window. Sooo, I am thinking of purchasing this kitchen :
(Photo curtesy of miniatures.com) and filling in the opening with a wall and running this kitchen along the newly made wall. This would fully enclose the entry way so I would need to install the light, ceiling texture and any trim before doing this but I need the kitchen before I make final adjustments to the wall. An idea of making the wall section removable but I will have to really think that through first.

Next I will finish wallpapering and way my options on ceiling treatments. I am leaning to cardstock cut to size and covered with a mild "popcorn" texture  and then installed.


  1. that kitchen is to die for! I really like it

  2. Hello Kabrina,
    The house is coming together nicely. I like that kitchen and think it would work great in this house.
    Big hug,