Friday, May 30, 2014

Itty bitty furniture

The last few days I've been sort of in a slump with the big dollhouse so I decided to focus on some furniture for my Pickett Hill. I made the shelf with accessories for the little girl's room, the bed an nightstand for the little boy's room, lawn furniture and the dog house. It is always fun to work in this scale.

My thumb is for size reference.
Ignore the turned up rug, I will be fixing that.

I painted the little dog, too. She was just a blank resin piece. It was hard matching to the inspiration photo with how tiny she is. It's hard to see in this angle but he weathervane is actually a dog. Also, impossible to see is a rug inside the doghouse for the dog to lay on. A nice touch even if it's never seen I know it is there.


  1. Hello Kabrina,
    Excellent work. So small and yet so well detailed.
    Big hug,

  2. Too cute, Kabrina! I'm also impressed by the minute detail.