Friday, May 16, 2014

Shingling, day 2

Just a quick update on the shingles after day two. Many miniaturists dislike shingling but it has always been one of the jobs I look forward to. It is also the only part of the dollhouse I ever use hot glue on. The smell of the hot glue gun and warm birch wood is wonderful. Always brings back fond memories of my first attempt at miniatures.
The new light greys of the roof has really changed the appearance of the whole house, for the better I think. I had a nice compliment from my mom, she thought I had actually papered the roof. I hadn't even realized I used a color similar to roofing paper till then. I have been trying to make a list of all the things I need to make sure is included in my house so it has as many realistic features as a real home. I have a book of Home repairs I bought from Home Depot and so far on the exterior I am doing pretty well. I want to install gutters, electric and gas meters and a wall mounted garden hose. Besides landscaping that should finish the exterior of the house. I have set this house in winter but I am almost afraid to make it permanent with snow on the window ledges, roof and balcony. I am trying to think of ways to do it but have it be removable if I ever decide to change the season. I am thinking of experimenting with Saran Wrap. Putting the snow on that and then laying that where I want it. I have to think about that some more.


  1. Clear plastic packaging would work well for the snow on the windowsills. I have a "spilled" potted plant on the porch of one of my houses and I used the clear plastic to glue the dirt and plant to. That way the plastic doesn't really show but I can move the stable assembly wherever I want it.