Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dollhouse excitement!

I haven't updated about the Holly Anne in a long time so I thought tonight would be a good time as any. The exterior needs front steps made, landscaping and shingles. None of the doors or windows are glued in place yet.
I wasn't sure if I ever posted this view before or not but I did the soffit of the porch too.

The living room ha been wallpapered and all the bottom floors have the patterns ready for me to add the wood strips to them.

And my new favorite wall technique is real life paintable wallpaper. This one has small Stria designs on it that remind me I moire wallpaper. A single roll of this will do this house plus more! I haven't attempted to paint or install it yet but it was easy to measure and cut and was much less expensive than wallpapering with dollhouse wallpaper. I didn't want patterns all over the house so while I was at Home Depot buying this paper I got a couple sample bottle of paints in the colors I want the different rooms to be. I think plain colors will not distract from the contents of the house. This room will have stairs and behind that a dining nook. Ignore the crooked cut line of the door. You can't see it when the door is in place. Originally that was a window but I wanted a back door. I will probably have a pattern wallpaper in one other room just so he living room won't seem so out of place I just haven't decided which room, yet.


  1. it's so pretty, I love the wall paper and the siding :)


  2. Hello Kabrina,
    The house is looking beautiful. I love the attention to detail in the pictures. Well done!
    Big hug,

  3. Thank you! I've been taking my time on this build as I don't want to miss anything.