Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Dollhouse is speaking again

After months of silence, to the point I was even considering scrapping all my mini supplies, she is finally talking to me. Seriously I only need 5 things for the interior to be done, wall paper, flooring, trim, ceilings and lights. I will have to start looking around for the perfect papers. Ones I can live with forever. Lights are so expensive I will need to accumulate them slowly. Because the house is so huge I will only be using working ceiling lights. Any others will be decorative only. I was looking at some of the minis I have collected and I can hardly wait to display them all in one place. Until I am healed enough to work strongly with my hand I will content myself with list making, design drawing and sewing my daughters plastic canvas Barbie house. Living room on that is finished, 1 1/2 walls to make of the bottom hall and that can go together. I am not looking forward to remaking the foundation. It is very boring and I am sad it was destroyed during out move. Between the foundation and the kitchen that will keep me busy, at least untill I get distracted by something else that is. Although I must say, my daughters face was priceless when she realized what I was making. I will be pausing on it again this week to finish the clothes for her "paper" doll. The doll is finished except the lining of the back, which I need a piece of clothing finished to make sure I do it right, nice circle that makes. 
Here she is helping with the stairs, her favorite part of the house.


  1. Im glad you have found your muse (I think she is your daughter) I hope your hand is healing well..take care of yourself


  2. Yes, when it comes to this project (and many others) my muse is definitely my daughter. :)